Razgroup is very proud to share a tradition that we hold close to our hearts.
Every year we group together our studio’s best into one beautiful calendar that portrays and communicates who we are.
In an era of such progress,
and technology advancing at a dizzying pace,
we embrace the adventure of the materials we work with
that inspire our strength, creativity and diversity.
Creativity inspired by profound sorrow
over the loss of our three kidnapped sons.
Hushed and hollow letters,
express the pain and emptiness,
with the hope of solace and better days to come.
The fish motif in ancient cultures
is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
May we all be blessed with a year
“at the head, and not at the tail.”
Balanced yet joyful typography.
For a year blessed with peace of mind,
serenity, creative energy and balance.
Troubling times.
Complex political, military, regional and social realties.
True chaos
inspired raw and disparate creativity
within the boundaries of our studio’s elegant style.